Fêtes Galantes

After vacationing in the Loire valley, we made our way from Lerné to Versailles. A pit stop at Château Chambord was a must. For Sarah and I, this would be our last stop before departing for the states. Though its namesake is well known, the city of Versailles is, at this moment, most definitely a [...]

Accoutrements dans la vallée de Loire

We've made it to France!Even better yet, we're spending the first part of the holiday in the Loire valley. Home to many amazing Chateaux, fantastic wines and amazing crémants! Upon landing at CDG Saturday, we made our way through customs and to our friend's pick up point. While waiting we stumbled upon Ladurée and thought: [...]

Constructing a Robe a la française – Part 4

The finishing touches...This weekend I'm working on wrapping this sacque up. It seems that setting sleeves are always the most challenging, at least for me. This last week, I was just outside of Toronto in the city of Hamilton. It is where McMaster University is. The 11th FIB-SEM User meeting was held and I gave [...]

Constructing a Robe a la française – Part 3

And the countdown to the Fêtes continues. T minus 29 days!A lot has happened with the sacque since my last post. Feeling the crunch ever so slightly, rather than giving any time to my posts, I decided to spend it on the garments knowing I'd be travelling soon and could dedicate some quality airplane time [...]

Construction a 18th century stomacher for Robe a la française

As the robe continues to come together, it was time to make the stomacher so that I could really start to understand how the robe will fit with the stomacher in place. For this project I used: Heavyweight buckram fashion fabric fine cotton as an interlining back lining material I followed the pattern instructions from [...]

Constructing 18th Century Men’s Frock Coat

Last week, I spent in Madison, Wisconsin. The university's College of Materials Science had its annual core facilities open house. Since, the college had purchased a DualBeam last year, I was invited to speak on focused ion beams and then also spend a day with people on the microscope. Madison, as a small city, is [...]

Constructing a Robe a la française – Part 2

Greetings! Another week passes with business travel and continued progress on our garments for the pending Fetes! Last week, I spent on the east coast visiting MIT, Harvard University, Yale University and Brookhaven National Labs. Spring hasn't quite sprung on the east coast and snow still lies on the ground still. We started off in [...]

Constructing a Robe a la française – Part 1

Slopin' it upMonday A.M. - jetting to Boston for a week on the east coast. Mini lectures at Harvard, Yale, Brookhaven National Labs and a quick meeting at M.I.T. One - I'm a pretty loyal Delta traveler, but Alaska's non-stop flight had me at not having to get up at 4AM for a long day [...]

Constructing 18th Century Stays – Part 2

OK. 1 week has gone by, but so much has happened relative to these stays. I had some course corrections, but it all ended up well. To begin with, measuring for a corset seems straightforward. 4 easy measurements, right? Bust, underbust, waist and hips...But what if model measures between two pattern sizes? What do you [...]