Fêtes Galantes

After vacationing in the Loire valley, we made our way from Lerné to Versailles. A pit stop at Château Chambord was a must. For Sarah and I, this would be our last stop before departing for the states. Though its namesake is well known, the city of Versailles is, at this moment, most definitely a [...]

Accoutrements dans la vallée de Loire

We've made it to France!Even better yet, we're spending the first part of the holiday in the Loire valley. Home to many amazing Chateaux, fantastic wines and amazing crémants! Upon landing at CDG Saturday, we made our way through customs and to our friend's pick up point. While waiting we stumbled upon Ladurée and thought: [...]

Constructing a 18th Century Jabot

With the frock coat, waist coat, breeches and shirt complete, I'm getting pretty close to being done with my outfit! Finishing touches! First up - the Jabot or Cravat. I chose a fine silk satin to make the ruffles of the jabot. There are plenty of online tutorials for constructing one of these garments, so [...]

Constructing 18th Century Men’s Frock Coat

Last week, I spent in Madison, Wisconsin. The university's College of Materials Science had its annual core facilities open house. Since, the college had purchased a DualBeam last year, I was invited to speak on focused ion beams and then also spend a day with people on the microscope. Madison, as a small city, is [...]

Constructing 18th Century Men’s Waistcoat

What a great week it has been, indeed. Right now, Hamilton has been playing in town and even though Sarah had tried to get tickets on the first day they went on sale, they evidently had sold out in 2 hours. I looked around to get some tickets, but the price was really out of [...]

Constructing 18th Century Fly-front Breeches – Final

I'm kind of bouncing back and forth between Sarah's and mine costumes. After finishing the underpinnings for Sarah, I really wanted to finish the breeches I will wear at Fetes...So with that in mind and following my other two blogs for construction, I set out to make them happen! This is just a short update [...]

Constructing 18th Century Fly-front Breeches – Part 2

Keeping up with the momentum, it is time to finish the first pair of breeches. First however, let's talk Macaron! A couple of years back, my best friend, Joyce, gifted me with a beautiful coffee table book on Macarons. There is something beautiful about those pastel colored disks. Sometimes, you bite into one and it's [...]

Constructing a 18th Century Men’s Shirt

We are in full swing preparation for our pending visit to Versailles, France for the 2017 Fetes Galantes at the end of May. I have personally been enjoying exploring my creative outlet (patterning and sewing). For the man's shirt, I've selected an off white lightweight blend of linen and ramie. The pattern is from Reconstructing [...]

Constructing 18th Century Fly-front Breeches – Part 1

OK - so it’s been a while since my last post...Timing is critical now. Fêtes is 3 months away! It is time to get very busy! Let’s just say that the holiday season was filled with friends and family. Lots of business travel and also some travel for leisure. I am pretty sure that I’ve [...]