Constructing a 18th Century Jabot

With the frock coat, waist coat, breeches and shirt complete, I’m getting pretty close to being done with my outfit!

Finishing touches!

First up – the Jabot or Cravat. I chose a fine silk satin to make the ruffles of the jabot.

There are plenty of online tutorials for constructing one of these garments, so I just followed one of these.

For the base of the jabot, I used a medium weight linen.

1. Cut 2 pieces of linen 10″ X 8″ in size

2. Stitch along the long sides and one short side

3. Clip corners, turnout right side out and press seams

For the ruffles, I used a length of 24″ and width of 4-5″. I decided to have 4 ruffles on the base.

4. Press under 1/2″ seams on the silk strips

5. Gather and pin onto the base

6. Stitch

7. Do this 4 more times, evenly spacing out the ruffles across the base.

With all the ruffles sewn onto the base, make a narrow band that the base can be stitched too. I chose a 2.5″ wide strip for the band.

8. Attach the base to one side of the band. Press seams in for the band

Finish the band.


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