Constructing 18th Century Fly-front Breeches – Final

I’m kind of bouncing back and forth between Sarah’s and mine costumes. After finishing the underpinnings for Sarah, I really wanted to finish the breeches I will wear at Fetes…So with that in mind and following my other two blogs for construction, I set out to make them happen!

This is just a short update to show the highlights of construction and how they turned out.

Unfortunately, my camera just can’t get the color of the breeches right, but I chose a robin’s egg blue silk. This picture however, is likely, the closest to the true color. Here the fronts are being stitched to the back breeches.

Prior to stitching, I overlocked all pieces of the breeches, which in the end was a good thing. Not historically accurate, but good for costuming!

Below is an image of the back of the breeches being gathered to the waistband

Here are the fronts and back attached to the waistband. Notice that rocking welt pocket for my pocket watch!

Wire cuttings and irons go together!

Here are breeches legs with bands being attached and button holes in place. I did add a placket where buttonholes were to reinforce.

And below, is the finished product. I’m pretty happy with these. They fit well and after making a few of them, I think I have got it down. Not that I will make them again!!!

I picked up some fantastic trim that I decided needed to go at the bottom of the breeches’ legs.

And so the breeches are finally finished. I love them and am now looking forward to working on the next garment. All of us that are going to Fetes are in the throws of costuming. It’s exciting to see and hear how each of us are moving forward toward France in May!

I can’t decide whether to continue with the waist and frock coats or to switch back to the sacque gown. I guess you’ll have to see what happens next!

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “Constructing 18th Century Fly-front Breeches – Final

  1. Hi,

    I really enjoyed your description of making these breeches. I’m looking at using the same pattern and was wondering how you found the sizing? Is the given size the modern waist or the 18th century waist?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi! Thanks for comments! Definitely size up. I usually wear a 34 and I sized up to 36. I would highly suggest you make a mock up before you cut the final fabric. I ended up making 3 pairs to get them right for the final pair.


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